Korven Al’Cross, prince of the nine salted moons and leader of the Wizard’s Guild in the town of WindFish, has been betrayed and murdered by those who serve him. In light of such dark evil time has opted to go on holiday, choosing to spend itself around other areas of the universe that are not so cold hearted.

In a world of uncertainty, the Beetle Bards have come out in support of the wizard Al’Cross’ beliefs that people should not be judged by their class but by their works. A productive life is not for wizards alone but for the fighter and the ranger also! All can be notable in a proper world.

Though support has been drummed up for Al’Cross’ beliefs, the Beetle Bards face enormous opposition from the wizarding community which recently fought against Baron Greywheel of WindFish to regain their own superiority over that of fighters and others not comfortable with the magic arts. To this end, there is much class strife in the land.

And little does anyone know other than those whom witnessed such terrible events, but the vacationing time has led to a rift that must be sealed. Now the population forgets what time of day it is or how much time has passed, but soon centuries will collide and existence will fade as Measure, the maker, comes to absolve what he owns.



A magical town in the southern lands. Previously governed by the Baron Greywheel until his prejudice against magic drove him to try and destroy the town’s people. After his defeat the wizarding community took a proper hold on the town, but also were foolishly prejudiced against all who did not wield magic as they were overly fearful of another like the Baron coming to power.

In the end, the town was sucked into the maw of Measure, the maker whom takes what he owns.


A city of mixed heritages, though predominately human. It’s an upscale and large town full of all manner of luxuries. A tourist spot, it has many inns with a view of the nearby countryside and wide river that recently connected it to the town of WindFish in the south.

Plinko is managed by a RAL (Randomly Appointed Leader) who acts as a temporary dictator until his term is finished.

Royal Egret Over Speedwagons

A small town known only for their development of speedwagons, which are normal wagons with racing stripes painted on them.

Axe of the Beetle Bards